Post operative Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Protocols

Post operative INSTRUCTIONS



Post operative wound care


  • OK to remove dressing on post operative day 3. Ice 20 minutes three times per day on outside of wrap. Do not remove dressing for 3 days.

  • Showers OK post operative day 3

  • NO BATHS, POOL, or whirlpool until cleared by Dr. Battaglia

  • After removing the dressing on post operative day 3, ice for 20 minutes three times per day and every time rewrap the entire leg with Ace Wrap. If you only wrap the knee the Ace Wrap will act as a tourniquet and cause problems.

  • Take one 325mg Aspirin two times a day for 6 weeks.

  • NO airplane travel for 6 weeks. 

Meniscal repair-medial or lateral

Week 0-4  

Range of motion 0-45 degrees and touch down weight bearing Ultrasound, e-stim, isometric quads, edema control with ice.

Week 4-8 

Range of motion 0-90 degrees and progress towards full weight bearing as tolerated. Ultrasound, e-stim, isometric quads and closed chain exercises, ice and heat.

Week 8-12

No brace, full range of motion, stationary bike, isometric quads, closed chain exercise, ionophoresis

Physical Therapy Protocols

Thanks to my former practice partner, good friend, and shipmate Matthew Provencher MD of the Steadman-Hawkins clinic in Vail Colorado for providing the detailed protocols below. You are a brilliant and world renowned researcher, a highly skilled surgeon, and above all an ethical physician who always does the right thing for patients.



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